Quilting Services

Long arm all over design:

Pantograph, or all over designs will be chosen to compliment your quilt.  An all over design is a repeating design which  goes from edge to edge.  I will choose one for you, or if you have a specific pattern, you may request that as well. I will purchase the pattern at no additional cost,subject to availability.

You are more than welcome to chose your own all over design.  If you would like to browse through lots of great designs, please go to www.urbanelementz.com.  Click on pantographs.  There you will see plenty of great designs.  If one of them speaks to you, email me the one you would like.  If I don’t already have it, I’ll order it, at no additional cost to you.  Even if nothing strikes you, or if there are too many to choose from, it can help you give me some ideas as to what you would like, and I can take it from there.   You are always welcome to just tell me to decide for you. :)

Personalized quilts:

Need me to make the entire quilt from start to finish? I have several original designs to choose from, just click on the tab “Memory quilts”.  If you have a specific design in mind, great, otherwise we can work together to find the perfect quilt. Check back often as I’m always adding new quilt patterns to choose from.   Contact me for details as well as pricing.

Custom Quilting:

Contact me for details.


How To Prepare Your Top For Quilting:

There are several things that you, the wonderfully skilled or adventurous beginner can do to prepare your top for long arm quilting:

1. Please press both the top and backing.

2. The top, batting and backing should not be pinned or basted together.  If they are, I have to remove all of it prior to loading it onto my machine.

3. The backing needs to be about 4-5 inches longer and wider than the top.  I need that space for pinning and clamping.

4.  The backing also needs to be square.  If it isn’t, I can square it up for you for an additional fee.  Keep in mind, squaring will need additional fabric, and the end result MUST be 4-5 inches longer and wider than the top.  Sooo, if you would like me to square it up, I strongly recommend having the backing about  foot longer than your top.

5. When in doubt, call or email for advice. We’re always happy to help!